Create a Scratchpad with Alfred

Posted on 2013-12-28

I always have an empty doc open on my computer as a place to quickly paste in some text. It's never something I need to save and I'll never miss it if I happen to lose it. The only problem is that it's slow recreating this scratchpad file or find it each time I need it.

I created a very simple workflow that takes the contents of my clipboard and opens a file in a text editor of my choice. The Alfred workflow can be triggered in one of two ways. The first is with the keyboard shortcut "hyper"-s1. The second way is simply typing "scratchpad" into Alfred.


I have it set to save a file in my Home folder called ".scratchpad" and then open the file in Sublime Text. Right now, the workflow will check for Sublime Text version 3, then version 2 and if neither exist, it will open the scratchpad in Text Edit.


You'll need the Alfred Powerpack to use this workflow. If you already have it, you can download it with the link below.


  1. command-option-control-shift mapped to my caps lock key. You can read more here on how to make a hyper key 

Tags: alfred automation


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