Quick Sharing with Launch Center Pro and Dropbox

Posted on 2014-03-04

I've been finding more and more reasons to use Launch Center Pro recently. With the fairly recent addition of Dropbox actions, I've been finding new ways to share links quickly.

Launch Center Pro and Dropbox

I take a lot of quick photos that I never plan to keep around. In most cases, it's just to send to someone quickly. iMessage is easy, but the images aren't compressed nearly enough and can take a while to upload. I've now started uploading the images to Dropbox and sharing the link. The upload speed is reduced since Launch Center Pro will take care of reducing the quality before uploading. The message sends almost instantly because there isn't an attachment. Here are a few of workflows I use with Dropbox:

This is if I simply need a quick link to share anywhere. The image uploads at 50% quality. I have a folder called Temp/_Destrctable Folder where I keep all my throwaway images. I'm using the TextExpander snippet ..ttimestamp to name the files like 14-03-08-19.42.45.jpg

launchpro-dropbox://addlastphoto?path=/Temp/_Destructable Folder&name=<..ttimestamp>.jpg&quality=50&getlink=1

Quick sharing with iMessage. Settings are the same as above.

launch://x-callback-url/dropbox/addphoto?attach=photo&path=/Temp/_Destructable Folder&name=<..ttimestamp>.jpg&quality=50&getlink=1&x-success=launch%3A//messaging%3Fbody%3D%5Bclipboard%5D

Upload from any source to Dropbox

Nice if you haven't taken the photo yet


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