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Using with TextExpander v2: Objective-C and JavaScript

I was generally happy with how I was using with TextExpander to create snippets for my emails, phone numbers and addresses. However, as I eventually realized, I have to have running for it to work. When AppleScript and JavaScript talk to applications in OS X, they … [Read More]


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Adding Critical CSS in Pelican

As it turns out, adding critical css wasn't trivial, but didn't take as much effort as I had originally thought. My site's layout doesn't contain that much styling, and so I simply added all of my CSS as an inline style tag. The tricky part, was getting Jinja to play … [Read More]

Updated on 2017-01-05

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Tags: pelican, scripting, python

Improving Your Site's Load Times

While reading through my RSS feeds the other night, I came across this article from One Tap Less about what he did to improve load times on his site. My first thought was, "I use a static site, I don't need to worry about this" and dismissed it. Then I … [Read More]


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Backup Your Email with Getmail

It's always a good idea to keep backups of data you can't replace, including email. For the last few years, I've had a script that automatically backs up my Gmail account. Since switching to Fastmail, I figured I should continue doing the same thing. It turned out, it was pretty … [Read More]


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Using with TextExpander

Changing your email or phone number isn't fun. You have to tell everyone, update all of your online accounts, and make sure your TextExpanders are up-to-date with the right information. One of the places I will always update is my contact information in, so why not just use … [Read More]

Updated on 2015-09-20

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Filling Forms with PDFPen and Javascript

My adventure with Mac Javascript Automation continues. Things still aren't easy and the documentation is poor, but I'm finding that it's still easier to write automation scripts in Javascript than it ever was with Applescript. Every month I need to fill out four receipts in a PDF form that I … [Read More]


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Automatically Attach tmux in SSH Session

I frequently work in ssh sessions and have found terminal multiplexers like tmux to be invaluable. The problem I was constantly facing was having to re-attach or create a new session each time I would ssh into a machine. Sometimes I would accidentally create a new session when one already … [Read More]


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Apple Watch for Cycling

I ride with a Garmin 810 with a cadence/speed sensor1. I wanted to compare the Garmin to the Apple Watch for a bike ride. First Impressions Starting the workout on the watch is nice. Two-three taps and you're starting a workout. What I didn't find ideal is that … [Read More]


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Download Paychecks from ADP with Python

If your employer uses ADP, you'll know how terrible their website is. I always dread having to go to the website, but I like to download my paychecks every two weeks. I started playing around with writing a script to download them using Python, but decided I should check Github … [Read More]


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How I use my Mac Mini Server on Macminicolo

I frequently get asked why I use Macminicolo and if it's worth it. It's a relatively expensive hobby, but it gives me so much benefit that at this point I couldn't live without it. Having an always-on Mac opens up a lot of opportunity and I'm always finding new things … [Read More]


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