Download Paychecks from ADP with Python

If your employer uses ADP, you'll know how terrible their website is. I always dread having to go to the website, but I like to download my paychecks every two weeks. I started playing around with writing a script to download them using Python, but decided I should check Github … [Read More]


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How I use my Mac Mini Server on Macminicolo

I frequently get asked why I use Macminicolo and if it's worth it. It's a relatively expensive hobby, but it gives me so much benefit that at this point I couldn't live without it. Having an always-on Mac opens up a lot of opportunity and I'm always finding new things … [Read More]


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Save First Page of PDF for Expenses with Hazel

Once a month I have to submit my Verizon bill as an expense. The process of getting the PDF of the bill and then modifying it turned out to be a big pain by first reminding my mom to send the bill1, saving the first page and then submitting … [Read More]


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View Image Links from Pelican in Marked 2

I really enjoy writing in MultiMarkdown Composer and having Marked display a rendered version. When writing blog posts like this, images would never appear since Pelican's syntax for displaying images is {static}/path/to/image. I looked into Marked's preprocessor abilities and figured out a nice, clean way to display … [Read More]


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Download Pinboard Bookmarks with OS X Tags

For the last few years, I've been using Brett Terpstra's Pinboard to Openmeta to save my Pinboard bookmarks locally. In the last few months, I've been spending more and more time trying to fix issues to get it to run reliably. Since this is something that I use often, I … [Read More]


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Backup Your Contacts v2 : Yosemite’s Javascript Automation

I recently read MacStories' article and was curious how easy this was to learn. Applescript never made sense to me and I spent more time trying to piece together examples than actually writing anything meaningful. I don't trust iCloud to keep my contacts safe, and I'm still using my previous … [Read More]


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Show Last File Added to Dropbox with Alfred

To continue on yesterday's post, revealing files in the Finder can be very useful. One thing that I find myself doing daily is moving into a particular folder in my Dropbox account once I've used the Alfred "move" action or when a new file has been added to my account. [Read More]

Updated on 2014-12-28

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A Better “Show Downloads Folder" with Alfred

I've always used Alfred as a way to reveal my Downloads folder with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ⌥ L, but that only gets me part of the way. I'm usually opening the downloads folder for a reason and so it would be handy if the file last added was already highlighted for … [Read More]


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My Exiftool Cheatsheet

I've spent a lot of time organizing and digitizing old photos. Exiftool has been a great tool, but the learning curve is fairly steep and you can end up making a lot of bad mistakes1. Here is my ongoing cheat sheet of exiftool commands. I still make a backup … [Read More]


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Back up Your Contacts with Pythonista

While it hasn't happened in a while, I have lost or had issues with contacts in iCloud. I haven't found a reliable way to automatically back up my contacts on my Mac, but Pythonista offers a simple way to back them up. Pythonista offers a great library which gives you … [Read More]


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