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Create Dropbox Links from Alfred

I've always treated Alfred as a Finder replacement. The speed at which I can find and take action on files is faster than Finder.app or Spotlight will ever be able to do. Because of this, I want to have a quick and easy way to share Dropbox files from … [Read More]


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Clearing Multiple Notifications in Mac OS X

If I haven't used my computer for a while, I'll end up with multiple calendar notifications that I have to painfully close one by one. I went searching for something that would let me close them faster, but nothing I could find did quite what I wanted. Nearly every day … [Read More]

Updated on 2016-12-04

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Show Last File Added to Dropbox with Alfred

To continue on yesterday's post, revealing files in the Finder can be very useful. One thing that I find myself doing daily is moving into a particular folder in my Dropbox account once I've used the Alfred "move" action or when a new file has been added to my account. [Read More]

Updated on 2014-12-28

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A Better “Show Downloads Folder" with Alfred

I've always used Alfred as a way to reveal my Downloads folder with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ⌥ L, but that only gets me part of the way. I'm usually opening the downloads folder for a reason and so it would be handy if the file last added was already highlighted for … [Read More]


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Digitizing the Family Photos

I had this ongoing fear that all of our family photos would get lost or destroyed. I've always wanted to have a central place for all of my photos, both past and present. In early 2012, my mom and I started on a project to scan, crop and organize all … [Read More]


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Airport Codes with Alfred

Here's a quick Alfred workflow to get the airport code for a given city or the city based on an airport code. You can search either by the 3-character airport code or by the city name. You can make your search specific enough to return one result, such as "dublin … [Read More]


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Create a Scratchpad with Alfred

I created a quick Alfred workflow that takes the contents of my clipboard and opens a new file in Sublime Text (or Text Edit). [Read More]


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Writing Notes with Alfred 2

I started coding about two years ago and only recently discovered the wonders of Markdown. Every time I'd learn something new, I would keep it in a text file with TextEdit. This was good and fine until a coworker introduced me to Notational Velocity. This completely changed the way I … [Read More]


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Browse Files on Dropbox.com with Alfred 2

On a rare occasion, I need to view files in my Dropbox folder on my computer on the website. The most common use case is I want to see the entire structure of a directory. I selectively unsync a lot of large directories since my MacBook Air has limited hard … [Read More]


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