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Create Multiple Tasks in Omnifocus on iOS

Throughout the day I think of things that I need to do after work or this coming weekend. The best way for me to not forget these is to quickly get them into Omnifocus. I've been using Drafts on my iPhone and Alfred on my Mac to quickly create tasks … [Read More]


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Syncing Photos from Dropbox to the Photos App on iPhone

I've chosen to not use iCloud Photo Library for a few reasons. I have a decent system set up for storing my photos in Dropbox, but I've always wanted to have my photos local on my iPhone. Now that iOS 10 has some cool features like memories and image search … [Read More]


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Filling Forms with PDFPen and Javascript

My adventure with Mac Javascript Automation continues. Things still aren't easy and the documentation is poor, but I'm finding that it's still easier to write automation scripts in Javascript than it ever was with Applescript. Every month I need to fill out four receipts in a PDF form that I … [Read More]


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Save First Page of PDF for Expenses with Hazel

Once a month I have to submit my Verizon bill as an expense. The process of getting the PDF of the bill and then modifying it turned out to be a big pain by first reminding my mom to send the bill1, saving the first page and then submitting … [Read More]


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Backup Your Contacts v2 : Yosemite’s Javascript Automation

I recently read MacStories' article and was curious how easy this was to learn. Applescript never made sense to me and I spent more time trying to piece together examples than actually writing anything meaningful. I don't trust iCloud to keep my contacts safe, and I'm still using my previous … [Read More]


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Internationalizing Your Contacts

Living in the U.S. we rarely call people outside of the country. Whenever we create new contacts in our address book, they'll typically start with the state's area code and omit the country code. Since moving to Ireland, my contacts wouldn't show up correctly since I hadn't prepended all … [Read More]


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