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[Updated] Log Your Instagram Posts with Slogger

Update 2016-06-23 As of June 2016, Instagram has changed their API and no longer allows this script to work. Sorry :( Update 2014-09-04 I recently submitted a new plugin that now comes with Slogger which uses the Instagram API. You can check out my post with more information here. I've received … [Read More]


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Browse Files on Dropbox.com with Alfred 2

On a rare occasion, I need to view files in my Dropbox folder on my computer on the website. The most common use case is I want to see the entire structure of a directory. I selectively unsync a lot of large directories since my MacBook Air has limited hard … [Read More]


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Your .bash_profile everywhere

I have two computers, one for work and one for personal. I keep mostly everything separate, but one thing I want to always have with me is my terminal environment and aliases. With Dropbox, I can not only access, but edit my .bash_profile from anywhere without using symlinks. The first … [Read More]


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