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Back up Your Contacts with Pythonista

While it hasn't happened in a while, I have lost or had issues with contacts in iCloud. I haven't found a reliable way to automatically back up my contacts on my Mac, but Pythonista offers a simple way to back them up. [Read More]


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Log Foursquare Locations in Markdown

I've always used Foursquare as a way to remember the places I had visited while traveling. Foursquare isn't really meant to be used in this way, and as a result, they don't make it easy to answer the question, "what was that restaurant I went to last time I was here?" I'm now using IFTTT to log all my checkins to a text file in my Dropbox account. [Read More]


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Instascriptogram. Post Instagram pics to Scriptogr.am

Since moving to Dublin, my girlfriend and I have wanted to keep our friends and family up-to-date on everything we've been doing. I recently bought the new Olympus E-P5 and have been taking a lot of pictures. So that everyone knows what we're doing, we decided to share a Scriptogr.am blog and post pictures of our adventures. [Read More]

Updated on 2014-11-19

Category: Tech

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