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Create Multiple Tasks in Omnifocus on iOS

Throughout the day I think of things that I need to do after work or this coming weekend. The best way for me to not forget these is to quickly get them into Omnifocus. I've been using Drafts on my iPhone and Alfred on my Mac to quickly create tasks … [Read More]


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Back up Your Contacts with Pythonista

While it hasn't happened in a while, I have lost or had issues with contacts in iCloud. I haven't found a reliable way to automatically back up my contacts on my Mac, but Pythonista offers a simple way to back them up. Pythonista offers a great library which gives you … [Read More]


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Quick Sharing with Launch Center Pro and Dropbox

I've been finding more and more reasons to use Launch Center Pro recently. With the fairly recent addition of Dropbox actions, I've been finding new ways to share links quickly. I take a lot of quick photos that I never plan to keep around. In most cases, it's just to … [Read More]


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Travel Notifications with Launch Center Pro and Pythonista

I've been doing a lot more traveling in the last year. Each time I take off or land, I found myself sending nearly the same text message to multiple people. After a while, it began to feel more like a chore than the kind gesture of letting others know I … [Read More]


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My Photo Workflow

After listening to the Mac Power Users episode on photo management and reading the slew of follow up blog posts on other photo management workflows, I thought I would share mine as well. While my workflow will be fairly similar to Federico Viticci's with a few exceptions, I thought I … [Read More]


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Quick Conversions with Launch Center Pro and Soulver

There are some great tools out there to convert things like currency, distances and measurements. Even Siri can do this fairly well, but the one thing I always find frustrating is that the process of doing this can be fairly slow and in a lot of cases requires a data … [Read More]


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