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Improving Your Site's Load Times

While reading through my RSS feeds the other night, I came across this article from One Tap Less about what he did to improve load times on his site. My first thought was, "I use a static site, I don't need to worry about this" and dismissed it. Then I … [Read More]


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How I use my Mac Mini Server on Macminicolo

I frequently get asked why I use Macminicolo and if it's worth it. It's a relatively expensive hobby, but it gives me so much benefit that at this point I couldn't live without it. Having an always-on Mac opens up a lot of opportunity and I'm always finding new things … [Read More]


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Show Last File Added to Dropbox with Alfred

To continue on yesterday's post, revealing files in the Finder can be very useful. One thing that I find myself doing daily is moving into a particular folder in my Dropbox account once I've used the Alfred "move" action or when a new file has been added to my account. [Read More]

Updated on 2014-12-28

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A Better “Show Downloads Folder" with Alfred

I've always used Alfred as a way to reveal my Downloads folder with the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ⌥ L, but that only gets me part of the way. I'm usually opening the downloads folder for a reason and so it would be handy if the file last added was already highlighted for … [Read More]


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Instagram for Slogger

In early 2013, I discovered Slogger and loved the idea of journalling about more than just what I had to say. What I was listening to at a given time is just as important as what I was thinking. However, there wasn't an ideal way to log Instagram posts without … [Read More]


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Create a Scratchpad with Alfred

I created a quick Alfred workflow that takes the contents of my clipboard and opens a new file in Sublime Text (or Text Edit). [Read More]


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Internationalizing Your Contacts

Living in the U.S. we rarely call people outside of the country. Whenever we create new contacts in our address book, they'll typically start with the state's area code and omit the country code. Since moving to Ireland, my contacts wouldn't show up correctly since I hadn't prepended all … [Read More]


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