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I commute about 30 minutes each way to and from work. Since I can listen to music while I work and spoken word is distracting, I listen to podcasts. Here's a list of the podcasts I'm currently listening to. Current Podcasting App: Overcast 99% Invisible Accidental Tech Podcast The Black … [Read More]

Updated on 2016-07-25

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Instagram for Slogger

In early 2013, I discovered Slogger and loved the idea of journalling about more than just what I had to say. What I was listening to at a given time is just as important as what I was thinking. However, there wasn't an ideal way to log Instagram posts without … [Read More]


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Global Shell Variables for Dropbox Paths

I have multiple computers running Dropbox, all of which have different folder paths to where the Dropbox folder is located. I wanted to have a universal way to find and navigate to the folders regardless of what computer I was on. In most cases, setting a variable to your Dropbox … [Read More]


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[Updated] Comcast is just Awful

This story probably won't be surprising to anyone, and it's one of many about how awful Comcast's service is. Maybe I thought I would get lucky and maybe I was assuming that I would have a similar experience to the last time I used them, which was over a year … [Read More]


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Find images with No Exif Dates

My Dropbox folder is full of images claiming to be "missing dates." 1 Some of these photos were thumbnails or images from DayOne that didn't necessarily need dates, but others were real photos that for whatever reason didn't have dates that Dropbox recognized. I did some poking around, and found … [Read More]


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Log Foursquare Locations in Markdown

I've always used Foursquare as a way to remember the places I had visited while traveling. Foursquare isn't really meant to be used in this way, and as a result, they don't make it easy to answer the question, "what was that restaurant I went to last time I was … [Read More]


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Show Time in Multiple Time Zones with TextExpander

I'm really bad at converting a time to other timezones. Now that the company I work for has offices in multiple countries, scheduling has become much more difficult. In an effort to eliminate the need for people to convert times themselves, I wrote a TextExpander snippet to take care of … [Read More]


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100 Happy Days

A few people from work convinced me to participate in 100 Happy Days. Since I'm already doing a "selfie a day" so I figured adding one more photo a day wouldn't hurt. What I didn't want to do is post to the various social media sites every single day and … [Read More]


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Quick Sharing with Launch Center Pro and Dropbox

I've been finding more and more reasons to use Launch Center Pro recently. With the fairly recent addition of Dropbox actions, I've been finding new ways to share links quickly. I take a lot of quick photos that I never plan to keep around. In most cases, it's just to … [Read More]


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Digitizing the Family Photos

I had this ongoing fear that all of our family photos would get lost or destroyed. I've always wanted to have a central place for all of my photos, both past and present. In early 2012, my mom and I started on a project to scan, crop and organize all … [Read More]


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