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JSON Feed in Pelican

Brent Simmons and Manton Reece recently announced an alternative to RSS and Atom using JSON. The format is straight forward and seemed like a great fit to implement in Pelican. I've been spending a considerable amount of my time lately writing Apex code (Salesforce's proprietary language similar to Java and … [Read More]


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Publishing from Day One to Pelican with Hazel and Dropbox

I'll be soon embarking on a long bike tour and was searching for a way to keep a journal of my trip but also post updates to a website. Day One was an obvious journaling choice, but with version 2, publishing isn't yet available. With a little poking around, it … [Read More]


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Adding Critical CSS in Pelican

As it turns out, adding critical css wasn't trivial, but didn't take as much effort as I had originally thought. My site's layout doesn't contain that much styling, and so I simply added all of my CSS as an inline style tag. The tricky part, was getting Jinja to play … [Read More]

Updated on 2017-01-05

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Improving Your Site's Load Times

While reading through my RSS feeds the other night, I came across this article from One Tap Less about what he did to improve load times on his site. My first thought was, "I use a static site, I don't need to worry about this" and dismissed it. Then I … [Read More]


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View Image Links from Pelican in Marked 2

I really enjoy writing in MultiMarkdown Composer and having Marked display a rendered version. When writing blog posts like this, images would never appear since Pelican's syntax for displaying images is {static}/path/to/image. I looked into Marked's preprocessor abilities and figured out a nice, clean way to display … [Read More]


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100 Happy Days

A few people from work convinced me to participate in 100 Happy Days. Since I'm already doing a "selfie a day" so I figured adding one more photo a day wouldn't hurt. What I didn't want to do is post to the various social media sites every single day and … [Read More]


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Exploring Pelican: Automation Part 1

Pelican is a great python-based static blog generator. After a few months using it, I’ve decided to automate the content generation as much as possible. [Read More]


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