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Moving TextExpander Snippets to Keyboard Maestro

I've been a long time TextExpander user. I use it every day for simple things like pasting my contact info or shortening urls using bit.ly. There are plenty of articles out there arguing for and against TextExpander's new subscription model. I support their decision but I can't justify $50 a year's worth of value and so I'm moving all of my snippets to Keyboard Maestro. [Read More]


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Adding Critical CSS in Pelican

As it turns out, adding critical css wasn't trivial, but didn't take as much effort as I had originally thought. My site's layout doesn't contain that much styling, and so I simply added all of my CSS as an inline style tag. The tricky part, was ... [Read More]

Updated on 2017-01-05

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Download Paychecks from ADP with Python

If your employer uses ADP, you'll know how terrible their website is. I always dread having to go to the website, but I like to download my paychecks every two weeks. [Read More]


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View Image Links from Pelican in Marked 2

I really enjoy writing in MultiMarkdown Composer and having Marked display a rendered version. When writing blog posts like this, images would never appear since Pelican's syntax for displaying images is {filename}/path/to/image. I looked into Marked's preprocessor abilities and figured out a nice, clean way to display images when writing blog posts. [Read More]


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Download Pinboard Bookmarks with OS X Tags

For the last few years, I've been using Brett Terpstra's Pinboard to Openmeta to save my Pinboard bookmarks locally. In the last few months, I've been spending more and more time trying to fix issues to get it to run reliably. Since this is something that I use often, I figured it was worth just re-writing it myself. [Read More]


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Digitizing the Family Photos

I had this ongoing fear that all of our family photos would get lost or destroyed. I've always wanted to have a central place for all of my photos, both past and present. In early 2012, my mom and I started on a project to scan, crop and organize all of our old photos from negatives. [Read More]


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